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Elderly Fall Prevention Starts with Keeping a Detailed Record

Elderly Care Ann Arbor

Want to prevent falls? People can be clumsy, but with old age comes frailty.

Falls can be the result of medical hazards, environmental hazards or both! Sometimes it’s out of your control, but often you can do things at home to minimize your risk.

According to A Place for Mom, “If you’re caring for a senior loved one at home, keep a detailed record of any incidents. Check for fall risks in their home, and discuss these potential contributing factors during any medical assessment after a fall.”

Common medical causes of increasing your or a loved one’s risk for falls include: 

  1. Medication side effects
  2. Blood pressure changes
  3. Vision and hearing loss
  4. Underlying medical conditions
  5. Vitamin D deficiency

In additional to medical risks, external variables can contribute to falls:

  1. Rugs and other trip hazards
  2. Temperature control
  3. Slippery surfaces
  4. Instability
  5. Unfamiliar spaces

There are things you can do to help prevent falls and minimize injuries in case of a fall. Encourage your aging loved one to: 

  • Maintain their fitness
  • Eat well
  • Hydrate
  • Tell someone if you feel different after taking new medications
  • Physical therapy

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