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What is Power of Attorney?

Assisted Living Ann Arbor

What is a “power of attorney”?

Do you need someone to make decisions on your behalf?

Do you need someone to help you with financial or personal matters?

A power of attorney is a legal document granting someone the power to make decisions on another person’s behalf. 

According to A Place for Mom, “Most seniors will execute multiple varieties of POA. An elder law attorney can help your aging relative determine the right combinations for their needs.

1.    General Power of Attorney - It gives you power to:

  • Sign documents on the senior’s behalf
  • Open or close bank accounts, and withdraw funds
  • Buy and sell property, real estate, and assets
  • Trade and sell stock
  • Pay bills and cash checks on the principal’s behalf
  • Enter contracts for utilities and services like housekeeping or home health

2.    Medical Power of Attorney - They also have authority over your:

  • Medical treatment
  • Surgical procedures
  • Feeding tubes and artificial hydration
  • Organ donation
  • Selection of health care or senior living facilities
  • Release of medical records

3.    Durable Power of Attorney - allows you to make financial and medical decisions through all mental and physical circumstances, unless your elderly loved one decides to revoke it.

4.    Limited Power of Attorney - A limited power of attorney is exactly what it sounds like — a senior can give someone agency for a limited amount of time, which is generally stipulated in the document. 

5.    Springing Power of Attorney- is executed in advance, but doesn’t go into effect until a senior receives a declaration of incapacity.”

At Hillside Terrace, you become family

When it comes to choosing an attractive, affordable senior living option for yourself or someone you care about, you want something special: outstanding, quality services, a vibrant, friendly atmosphere and attentive, courteous staff. Hillside Terrace is all this and more!

Hillside Terrace focuses on life enrichment in a nurturing and independent setting that stimulates the mind, body, and spirit. Our housing, dining, and care services will make your loved one feel at home!

Call us today at 734-761-4451 to discuss your loved one’s needs and schedule a tour of our centers for memory care, independent living, or assisted living in Ann Arbor.


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